Le Labo City Exclsuives x MECCA Event

Fragrance speaks for who you are before you even walk into a room. Le Labo City Exclusives has encapsulated the feel and personality of cities around the world opening the customer to not only represent themselves to the world but to represent the world to them.

I had the pleasure of attending one of the two events to celebrate the residency of the fragrances at the MECCA Cosmetica Strand and South Yarra stores for the month of September. Greeted at the door by the always smiling MECCA team and a glass of champagne made the experience all the more special.

I was then whisked away and to meet with a fragrance expert who asked me an array of questions to determine what scents would suit me and my goals the most. I was recommended to visit the USA (the fragrances were assembled around the store by continent). My initial desire was to be matched to New York as my perception was that was very me but my heart (and nose) were instantly drawn to the scent for Dallas Aldehyde 44. After choosing a few of my favourite USA scents I traveled around to Europe and Asia, the other two continents, to test out the fragrances. I have to say the fragrance expert knew what he was talking about because while all the scents in the other areas were beautiful they just weren’t me.

Heading back to the USA I picked my two favourites Aldehyde 44 – Dallas and Baie Rose 26 – Chicago to put them to the most important test how do they smell on me! Due to your body chemistry fragrances will smell different on every person and is an important consideration when investing in your next signature scent.

After walking around exploring the products, drinking espresso martinis, dining on beautiful canapes and chatting with the wonderful people in the room it was time to decide. I returned to my original consultant for his opinion and the second he smelled the Aldehyde 44 on my wrist he said that there was no question and I agreed.

This experience was like to other. Being in a room full of like-minded people who were willing to smell me (less weird than it sounds) and give their opinion to help me find my dream scent was inspiring. The knowledge and friendliness of the staff and even just the class of the event made it one to remember.

In the name of full disclosure I chose not to purchase the fragrance. As a uni student it simply wasn’t feasible, but I can promise you I’m saving up and will now have to make Dallas a stop on a future trip to the US.


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