Mecca is Saving Your Face With Their Sun Series

It’s no secret the sun is damaging to our skin, but it isn’t only the risk of sun spots or ageing that we should be worried about, its skin cancer. Living in Australia we are exposed to threatening UVA and UVB rays daily and if we’re not careful it can lead to damaging consequences. Mecca Cosmetica’s Sun Series is providing an opportunity to include a lightweight sunscreen into your beauty routine.

The lines major selling point is the variety of products on offer which provides something for everyone. The range offers both a SPF 30 and 50, sensitive skin and tinted options. Despite the large range none of the products disappoint.

This sunscreen is ideal for everyday use especially under makeup. The product is light weight, quickly absorbs into the skin and doesn’t leave the traditional smell or grease look many expect from an effective sunscreen.

We can’t stress how important it is to protect your skin daily with SPF and highly recommend these products as a great way to start.

You can find the full sun series online or in Mecca stores.

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